About Us

Who We Are

Australian DIY Families Institute is a registered non-for-profit organisation with the driven purpose to assist sole-parent families and vulnerable members of the community during times of crisis.

Registered with the ACNC

Our Mission

We are committed to our mission of meeting the short- and long-term needs of vulnerable sole-parent families and individuals during times of crisis.

Our Vision

It is our vision that all vulnerable sole-parent families and individuals are safe and supported during times of crisis.

Our Values

As a purpose-driven not-for-profit organisation, we stand firmly in our service to vulnerable sole-parent families and an unyielding commitment to our core values, which include:


We are always there for our clients when they need us the most. If we are unable to provide a particular service required, we work in close partnership with other community service organisations who can.


The drive to serve others is intrinsic to who we are; we are inspired by lived experience, the opportunity to serve and give back to those in need.


Our focus is on the vulnerable sole-parent families and members of the community experiencing hardship. We treat our clients as if they were our own family members.


We value all sole-parent families and members of the community in crisis where everyone is treated equally.


We show compassion and sympathy to all our clients not withstanding their circumstances.

Our Services

Our aim is to support vulnerable sole-parent families and members of our community through a range of essential services that help meet physical, social, emotional and psychological needs.

We are registered with the Australian Charities and Non-for-Profits Commission.

We trade as Australian DIY Families Institute.
Download our Constitution.


Our Heart

The heart of Australian DIY Families Institute beats for the next generation of Australians who deserve lives full of dignity and care. Watch this video to learn more about why we do what we do.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

Partner in Focus: REFCA Realty Group

Real Estates Funding Charities Australia (REFCA Realty Group) have committed to donating 15% of the sale commission from real estate sold through their agencies.

You can help by listing or purchasing property with REFCA Realty.


Partner in Focus: Foodbank

Foodbank is the pantry to the charity sector. A not-for-profit, non-denominational, federated organisation operating in every state and territory in Australia, Foodbank Australia believes everyone should have access to good quality food, providing food relief to more than a million people each month.

Foodbank Australia is the only Australian food relief organisation that is a certified member of The Global Foodbanking Network (GFN), comprised of 32 member countries, 19 of which are accredited.

Official Website: https://www.foodbank.org.au


Partner in Focus: SecondBite

SecondBite is one of Australia’s largest food rescue organisations.  The incredible men and women of SecondBite rescue and redistribute wasted food to over 1,400 community food programs across Australia, completely free of charge. This ensures more fresh, nutritious and culturally appropriate food is reaching those who need it most. The food provided is transformed into food hampers, community meals, and used for breakfast programs and market-style food banks, to relieve hunger in communities.

In the first four months since beginning our essential service operations (5 August – 1 December 2022), our partnership with SecondBite & Coles has resulted in the delivery of more than 660 kilograms of fruit, vegetables, bread, and frozen goods to vulnerable sole parents families and individuals who need them the most.

Official Website: https://secondbite.org

Primula Cafe

The Primula Cafe embraces the rich history of Bundanoon with a unique display of historical pieces.

Potter’s Pantry

Serving up freshly baked and lovingly prepared delights, the award-winning Potter’s Pantry is a must-stop in Bundanoon.

Toilet Partition Industries

Australian DIY Families Institute is grateful for and appreciates the donated support from TPI for the creation of shelving for our Community Essential Service store/food pantry.


Australian DIY Families Institute is grateful and appreciates the support from Bunnings with the assistance of shelving in our op-shop.

Australian DIY Families does NOT hold or own the copyright for the logos used in this section.